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Joshu Mike Trizano Promoted To Sensei

Last Updated on August 1, 2018.

Congratulations to Mike Trizano for earning his promotion to Sensei!

Mike’s StartMike’s Start

Mike “The Lone Wolf” Trizano started his training with Tiger Schulmann’s in Summer of 2009. At 17, he always a decent athlete who loved football and baseball, but his Dad said he didn’t have faith in his discipline and reluctantly signed him up. At first, his father didn’t want to pay; he was convinced Mike would quit in 3 months. Fueled by his father’s doubts and motivated by the team around him. Mike’s natural raw talent and newly designed training began to catch the eyes of Sensei Shawn Rapoport.

Mike’s Love For Fighting

Mike was encouraged by Sensei Rapoport to begin teaching  around 2011. His schedule was part time because he was going to college. After a few semesters the two sat down together and he said he spoke to his parents and they earned their support to focus on his career in the MMA on one condition, his promise to push himself to  “go all the way”!  Started fighting in summer of 2012. There was never had to worry about his conditioning or weight, he always was ate right, kept to his program and would training on his own until he was the last one in the gym.

Mike’s Start

The Lone Wolf’s Success In The Ring

In 2014, Earned his black belt and became head instructor in Nanuet, and since 2015 has been the head instructor in Paramus while pursuing a professional fighting career.  As a professional, Mike has an undefeated record in UFC, and was recently crowned the lightweight champion of The Ultimate Fighter 27.