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MMA Builds Self Confidence For Twin Brothers

Last Updated on September 2, 2014.

Dear Sensei’s Tresca & Villanueva,

This thank you is long overdue as my twin sons Justin & Kyan are totally different kids since joining TS back in May 2013. Being a loving, caring and probably very overprotective Mom, I’ve looked into several activities that I thought would boost the boys confidence, allow them to be socially active as well as provide an overall positive learning experience. TS provides them with all of the above and then some. The boys adore and respect you both and look forward to coming to class so much so that they tell me the morning of that it’s a karate day! They know their schedules. Lol~ It actually gets me a bit emotional at times to see such a difference in both of their attitudes. We’ve tried soccer, wanted to sign them up for football and even visited several other karate places prior to getting referred to TS’s from a friend. Both of you provided their father and I with such an overwhelming amount of attention to the concerns we had about confidence, bullying, being comfortable socially (outside of each other) as well as the type of training offered at TS’s. Kyan’s confidence and karate skills at 5 months in are unbelievable as he’s our shy guy and very focused when it comes to training and so much more outgoing. Justin just blossomed and shows so much enthusiasm when in your presence. He has a hard time focusing at times but is a different kid when in the dojo. Lol~ We ask that you continue to keep up the good work and let you both know that we are truly thankful to have you both in our sons lives. Thank you for providing a safe, positive, structured and fun atmosphere for not just our kids but every kid that steps into your facility. We couldn’t be happier with all of the positive changes in our children thus far.


Bridgette Bonaparte


Twin Brothers