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MMA Helps Children with ADHD Become More Focused!

Last Updated on August 29, 2012.

MMA Helps Children with ADHD Become More Focused!

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By: http://www.harrimanmma.com

I signed my family up at Tiger Schulmann’s since martial arts were recommended by an Occupational Therapist for my daughter who has ADD and I wanted her to go to the best. She was so young when she started that on her first day she nervously asked which door the tiger was going to come out of. As I would have expected, Mixed Martial Arts was a great choice to help develop her muscle tone which has always been low.  She also learned self defense skills and attended a bully awareness seminar Sensei Montes gave for the kids which was a big plus since I know first-hand what a huge problem bullying is in schools. I was pleasantly surprised at how attending MMA classes at Tiger Schulmann’s a few times a week significantly improved ability to focus on tasks.

A few years later, I started attending classes myself to slim down and tone up as well as out of concern for my heart health- it turns out MMA is a great cardio workout. I was surprised by how much mental power it took to follow the movements and how two years later I am still learning and improving. Sensei Jose Montes keeps it interesting not only by varying the physical challenges but also with the mental challenges. I particularly enjoy his words of wisdom at the end of class. He is very good at motivating me to want to improve and take care of myself. I like going because I get results that I can not manage to get on my own and it’s empowering when you do things you originally thought you were incapable of. I think clearer and feel stronger and more confident when conducting myself in all areas of my life.

I would highly recommend Tiger Schulmann’s!

-Lisa Grover-Woodbury, NY

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