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Munah Holland Impresses at Bellator 63! Play-By-Play Results

Last Updated on March 30, 2012.

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Marianna Kheyfets vs. Munah Holland

Round 1
Kheyfets just misses with a snapping front kick, connects with one to the body. Holland scores with a right hand and a body kick of her own. They tie up in the middle of the cage and break off just as quickly. Holland continues plodding forward while Kheyfets looks to counter and circle out, though many of her punches are coming up short. Holland traps Kheyfets against the cage briefly; when they split, Kheyfets scores with a few leg kicks, which Holland gives right back. Holland scores with a left in an exchange that has Kheyfets dashing out of range. Trip takedown goes for Kheyfets with a minute left in the round. She doesn’t do much from Holland’s closed guard, while Holland spends the last minute trying to strike off her back.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Kheyfets
Jack Encarnacao scores the round 10-9 Holland
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Holland

Round 2
Holland scores with a couple low kicks and tries to chase Kheyfets down with hooks, but the “Crushin’ Russian” is on her bike. Kheyfets gets off a nice combination in the pocket, but seconds later she has her legs taken out by a big right hand. Holland pounces and works to finish Kheyfets off, but Kheyfets survives and ties up long enough to regain her wits. Ref Todd Anderson pauses the action to let Kheyfets back up. Holland denies a sloppy shot and blasts Kheyfets again, sending her down to the base of the fence. Stacking Kheyfets up, Holland tries to pound out her foe from guard again, and again is unsuccessful. Kheyfets is back on her feet with less than a minute to go and Holland just keeps moving forward on her. Kheyfets tries to tie up, gets shucked off. Holland gets in the pocket and unloads with another right hand, and that’s all she wrote. Kheyfets isn’t getting up from this one, and referee Todd Anderson pulls Holland off her dazed opponent at 4:45 of round two.

Holland Wins Via KO at 4:45 of round two.