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My One Year Anniversary At Tiger Schulmann’s

Last Updated on February 17, 2014.

Brooklyn Man Changes Life With MMA

before after

My name is Neal and I have been a Tiger Schulmann’s MMA student since January 15, 2013.

Over the past 365 days:

– I have lost 78 pounds.
– My waist has gone from 42” to 34”.
– My suit size has decreased from size 52 portly to size 44 slim fit.
– My physician has cut my pressure and cholesterol medication doses in half.
– I am now a competitor and participant in Spartan and mud-run obstacle races.

Kickboxing Class Leads Brooklyn Man To Amazing Changes

It was one year ago today I had made a decision that the time had come for me to start taking care of myself and my health. At 44 years old I had reached a point where I had become overweight and deconditioned in carrying out tasks that were taken for granted in previous years. Keeping up with my children’s physical events became a task. At friendly neighborhood softball games I would be winded running out an easy base hit. Climbing flights of stairs when elevators were broken was leaving me out of breath.

One day when shopping on Kings Highway I noticed the Grand Opening of a Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Midwood in close proximity to my home. I decided it would be convenient to inquire if Tiger Schulmann’s would be able to help me with weight loss and cardio conditioning.

My One Year Anniversary At Tiger Schulmann’s
Neal burned away fat while learning self-defense and relieving stress on a heavy bag!

 I called on a Sunday to ask questions about Tiger Schulmann’s programs and although the school was closed, the location’s owner/instructor, Sensei Sean Nolan, answered my call. Without any previous martial arts experience it was my impression that kickboxing programs were generally a part of a fitness club and ‘gym’ setting. We had a constructive conversation where it was explained to me that Tiger Schulmann MMA is a ‘school’ and not a traditional ‘gym’ or fitness club. We set up an appointment to meet at the school to discuss my personal needs one-on-one.

Broooklyn MMA School Motivates Students In All Areas Of Life

Sensei Nolan was sensitive, understanding, knowledgeable, and passionate about his school and its curriculum. He provided me with personal attention and an open door to discuss anything I would need to achieve my goals. I knew after my first class with Sensei Nolan and hearing his words of advice and encouragement to his students that the school would be beneficial for me.

My One Year Anniversary At Tiger Schulmann’s
This was Neal before he joined TSMMA Midwood.

 Looking back a year to my initial sign-up I would have never imagined that TSMMA Midwood would have the positive impact on me that it has. My original reasons for joining Tiger Schulmann MMA were for weight loss and cardio stamina, but the school has provided me a sense of structure at a time that it was lacking in my personal life.

Midwood Instructor Creates Kickboxing Family

The school trains students in martial arts, muscular development, cardio, and flexibility, but it also provides the necessary skills to incorporate the handling of everyday life’s challenges; -Structure. -Motivation. -Accomplishment. -Discipline. -Respect. –The pursuit & achievement of set goals.

Serving as a ‘school’ as opposed to a ‘gym’ provides a positive environment with the mutual respect of your fellow students and the Sensei. It is instilled through our training that ‘trying is still doing’ and through Sensei Nolan’s motivation that ‘there are talkers and there are doers out there’…that ‘lazy people are NOT happy people’…and that ‘when in doubt, TRAIN. You will never regret the decision’.

My One Year Anniversary At Tiger Schulmann’s
A skinnier Neil gives credit to Sensei Nolan for creating the environment which helped him change his life.

 Sensei Nolan has always been available and approachable. I have utilized his knowledge and experience throughout my past year of training for advice on nutrition, stamina, and physiological issues. I look forward to his future guidance. As all students have been told, ‘the hardest thing is getting yourself into the door’.

Once you are through the doors, Sensei and his student body will provide all the motivation you need.