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My Weight loss Journey with Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in North Plainfield

BY: TSMMA North Plainfield Blog

My journey began a little over a year and a half ago. I was 208 lbs, 22 years old and 5’3, I was classified as obese. Honestly, when I realized I was so unhealthy that I was retaining water in my legs I knew something had to change. I was at the point where I was willing to do as much work as I had to in order to become healthy again, and that is exactly what I did.

I started making better eating choices along with working out regularly and the results were showing. Not only was I looking thinner but I was feeling great. When I reached about 169 pounds I decided that I wanted to add something to my life that would be beneficial health wise and also career wise because I’m studying to be a federal agent and knew I needed to be physically fit. For a long time I had wanted to start kickboxing and one day I was watching television and came across Tiger Schulmann’s commercial, clearly it was the sign I had been looking for. I gave them a call in September of 2011 and set up my first class.

I was so excited and knew I had made a great decision. My initial goal was to reach 145 pounds, with the support of TSMMA, my family, my boyfriend and his family, and my friends I was able to get there. I now weigh 139 pounds (which is classified as healthy) and have set a new goal of 125 pounds. Having lost 30 pounds thus far with TSMMA is honestly amazing. Everyone at TSMMA is so wonderful, loving, helpful, and have become family to me. I will never be able to thank them enough for helping me in my journey and being there for me whenever I needed them. I am so thankful for all that they have taught me and all that I will continue to learn with them in the future. You guys are the best and such an inspiration!


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