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Myopic Commentary Doesn’t Slow Team TSMMA

Last Updated on May 16, 2013.

Myopic Commentary Doesn’t Slow Team TSMMA

Three of our best young fighters took their talents to The Broad Street Ballroom for Friday Night Fights.  Below you can see the videos of the three young TSMMA students, Missael Sanchez, Malik Blake and Mike Trizano show off the amazing skills they learned at Tiger Schulmann’s.

If you listen to the commentary you might get a different opinion.  I urge you to watch the fights the first time on mute, without the two Muay Thai practitioners who were calling the fights.  After you have seen for yourself the skills displayed by the three fight team members turn the volume up and watch again for a good laugh.

One announcer seems more concerned with the fact our fighters are wearing MMA tights than any skills they might carry into the ring.  He went so far as to suggest a $5 discount website to order Muay Thai shorts.  Funny given the three guys wearing Muay Thai shorts all lost.

The other announcer was familiar with the lineage and pedigree of a Muay Thai Coach from Wichita Kansas, citing his strengths as a fighter and coach, yet was unable to give even one mention of the training afforded at TSMMA even though our flagship school is less than a mile from the Broad Street Ballroom!

In one fight the announcers went so far as to say Sanchez must have some previous boxing experience (he began at Tiger Schulmann’s with no prior experience and this was his second time in the ring) to throw a jab to the body!  This is something we teach in our Beginner Kickboxing classes.

The failure of Friday Night Fights’ announcers to recognize the incredible training offered at Tiger Schulmann’s comes as no surprise.  Thankfully, it hasn’t stopped us from being the strongest Martial Arts Organization in the world and it didn’t keep our three competitors from victory!


Mike Trizano (TSMMA Ramsey) vs Manny Casais – 155lbs -Watch @ 34:50

Missael Sanchez (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Alan Stoffel – 135lbs – Watch @ 26:20

Malik Blake (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Kody Schroth – 160lbs – Watch @ 19:45

Myopic Commentary Doesn’t Slow Team TSMMABy: Sensei Thad Campbell