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Last Updated on September 2, 2014.

Martial arts tools for a great school year

Martial Arts: More than Kicking and Punching!

In the martial arts, naturally all students learn moves that they can use to defend themselves. While this is an import aspect of what a martial arts program is about, it should not be the only thing.

At Tiger Schulmann’s we give students more. Woven into the fabric of each class are the traditional aspects of the martial arts. Students are taught to live their lives by traditional values that will make them a productive member of society.

Discipline in the martial arts enhances all areas of life!


Self-discipline is the key to succeed in reaching any goal!

What does a child need to improve their grades? The answer is simply, self-discipline. In Tiger Schulmann’s martial arts classes, children are taught to have the same discipline in a fun and exciting atmosphere. While they are having fun and learning self-defense, this self-discipline is being instilled in them. Here in the martial arts they are taught that in order to reach a goal they must never give up, no matter how hard something gets. we call this the non-quitting spirit. As martial artists they learn to apply their non-quitting spirit to everything they do. whether it is school, sports, the arts or anything else they will learn how to be successful. with a non-quitting spirit they will always achieve. Life achievements are what is necessary to build confidence .


Because they are learning Tiger Schulmann’s martial arts, they will also be able to defend themselves in a physical confrontation. Usually kids that can defend themselves don’t have to since they carry themselves with confidence. we always say, ” the best self-defense is one you never have to use”.

Since they won’t be intimidated by anyone and they won’t let anything stand in the way of their goals they will be confident and succeed at everything they try. A confident kid is a happy kid and when our children are happy, so are we.

Come in and try a class. Give your child the gifts that our martial arts program has to offer and we will give them a life of success.

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