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Our Karate program Benefits Children in Many Ways

Last Updated on August 19, 2014.

Karate students learn to block out distractions
Karate builds focus

Every parents dream is for their children to do well in all endeavors. When a child reaches school age, we as parents, would like to see our children thrive. In schools today their are many distractions that can hinder a childs ability to learn. Each year children are exposed to a new curriculum and new kids in their classes.  Unfortunately some of the same problems follow most children from year to year.

I would like to address two of those issues that plague many children throughout the course of their academic carreers.

Karate Gives Children Self-Discipline

Where is a child supposed to learn self-discipline? A good friend of mine once told me  that although he spent close to two hundred thoudand dollars on a master degree from a respected university, he didn’t learn to have self-discipline until he went to Tiger Schulmann’s. When a child comes home from school, the first thing a parent would like them to do is finish their homework. This is the last thing on most childrens minds. Imagine if you could get your child to come in from school and sit down to finish their homework without ever being told. At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts, we teach children the discipline from traditional Karate. Kids learn, that before the fun, the work must be done. Our students are taught in a disciplined atmosphere where learning becomes simple as well as fun. They learn to block out distractions such as noise or urges so they can overcome difficulties in a learning environment. They learn how to set goals. Whether the goal is to get straight A’s on their report cards or just to do their work on schedule and stay on task, Tiger Sculmann’s program will give your kids the self-discipline to reach the goal.

Tiger Schulmanns gives Karate confidence
Karate Builds Confidence

It’s bright and early in the morning and your child enters the classroom. The first thing the child sees is the bully that has been making their life miserable for some time now. Is the child’s focus going to be on their schoolwork or is it going to be on self-preservation? The answer is obvious. It’s very difficult to stay focussed on your schoolwork when you are worried about what might happen when the  bully gets you alone. As parents we would like to be able to protect our children twenty four hours a day. Unfortunately that is not an option. Even teachers can not be with their students for every minute of the school day. Obviously that means that your children are at risk of being bullied many times each day.

Tiger Schulmann’s Builds Self-confidence to Stop Bullying

At Tiger Schulmann’s we teach children the strongest streetwise self-defense available today. Our curriculum is taught in such a way that techniques become instinctive. Kids are taught techniques that can be used in real life situations. They are also taught how to diffuse a bullying situation in a non-physical manner.  Most children will not stand up for themselves because they are afraid of a physical confrontation. Our students have the knowledge to defend themselves no matter how a bully attacks whether it is verbal or physical. They become confident that they can handle themselves in a physical confrontation so they no longer worry about it. They stand up for themselves before it ever becomes physical. Not worrying about bullying leaves a child free to concentrate on achieving in school, sports, even socially. Our students love what they do at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts!

In a nutshell, When children have thge self-discipline to reach their goals and the self-confidence to stand up for themselves and what they believe in, there is nothing that they can’t accomplish.  Come in and see it for yourself. The first class is always free!


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