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PA Caged Combat: Valley Fight Series 3 Results (Write-up and images)

Last Updated on January 16, 2012.


The Roadway Inn’s PA Caged Combat housed another exciting night of ametuer fights in Allentown, PA, Saturday night. Representing TSMMA,  were Greg Fonda of Allentown and Michael Ortiz of Bethlehem.  Fonda fought Zachary Sigley in the second bout of the night of 155 pounders. All three rounds progressed similarly, starting with both fighters exchanging punches in the center of the ring. Sigley used his wrestling background to land several takedowns, and secured the top position for most of the bout. Although Sigley had little to no offense while in the top position and couldn’t finish the fight, PA state rules, which only allow 2 minute rounds, there was not enough time for Fonda to mount any kind of jiu jitsu attack. Despite Fonda’s improvement in his takedown defense, Sigley’s takedowns earned him the win by unanimous decision.

Mike Ortiz officially earned his nickname “the Pitbull” in his fight against Tyler Marinucci in his second 145-pound featherweight fight. At the sound of the bell, in a very unorthodox fashion, Marinucci crawled on all fours across the cage and barrel rolled into an attempt to pull guard. Ortiz would have none of it and quickly passed guard into sidemount with a flurry of strikes. /From the bottom position, Marinucci’s submission attacks, although impressive and relentless, would prove to be his downfall. He went from arm bar, to triangle, to omoplata, all while being picked up by Ortiz and viciously slammed on his head in every attempt. Oritz’s pitbull agressiveness and sheer will to win, was impressive to say the least. In the second round Marinucci changed up his game plan and came out swinging. Ortiz met his strikes with a flurry of punches, slammed Marinucci into the cage, and landed a vicious takedown. The second round ended the same as the third, with Ortiz brutalizing his opponent. It was another great win for “The Pitbull”. We will watch his career with interest.

Once again, a very special thanks, to our head coach Shihan James Simpson in his tireless effort to coach the PA Fight Team. Shihan even took on a fighter who was abandoned by his coach and team in the only Pro Fight of the night. Shihan was able to coach him to a split decision win in his Pro Fight coaching debut to show his true passion to help young fighters in this sport. Thank you Shihan!