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Pahlavan Fight Event 14 Results – St Petersburg, FL

Last Updated on April 3, 2012.

Pahlavan Fight Event 14 Results – St Petersburg, FL

3/31/12 – St Petersburg, FL

Finn “The Motor ” Sullivan ( TSMMA ) vs Rocco Deldebbio ( Inferno MMA )

Finn lived up to his nickname ” The Motor  ” with his relentless pursuit of his opponent.  With his match being an exhibition ( Finn is only 8 yrs. old ) the referee was constantly telling Finn to ease up after he knocked his opponent down several times. Clearly dominating his foe we look forward to more from this future superstar!

Tom “The Nightmare ” Barry (TSMMA ) vs Darren Jefferson ( Elite Training Center )

This being Tom’s first fight he showed tremendous pause and heart as he lost a close decision. Each of the three rounds were extremely close. We look forward to more in the future fromthe  19 year old Nightmare.

Mike “White Lightning ” Herrington vs Jason Chang ( Tampa Muy Thai)

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice but it did on Sat night! Two lethal right hands put Jason on the canvas at the end off the first round. Chang came out with very fast and intense kicks that that knocked Herrington around until two wicked rights put him on the canvas. Showing great heart Jason answered the bell for the second round only to immediately feel Mike’s overhand right. The doctor being called in to stop the match with Changs nose being shattered and bleeding profusely. White Lightning being declared the winner by TKO!

Congratulations to all of our fighter for putting on a great show of speed, power, technique,heart and a non quitting spirit !

Train with Finn, Tom, and Mike, under the direction of Shihan Hellman at TSMMA Tampa