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Personal Training: The Risky Investment

Last Updated on January 12, 2015.

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In terms of fitness and exercise, people generally seek personal trainers in order to both educate and motivate them about working out. The average person might know how to do a proper pushup, but that average person probably does not know how to eat properly.  When most people think of starting a diet the first thing that comes to mind is eating less. How much less should I eat a day to look and feel better? Though this is not completely false, the theory behind eating less is often misinterpreted to the extreme. When somebody goes from eating unhealthy to not eating at all, he/she has not made an improvement as far as healthy eating. In some instances, eating almost nothing could be more detrimental to your overall health than excess eating! With lack of food come lack of vitamins and necessary polymers which are needed to keep the body running efficiently. If the lack of eating continues it can lead to deficiencies of a certain vitamin such as iron. Going back to the original topic of personal trainers, it is important for a personal trainer to be able to not only regurgitate the basic lessons of fitness which he/she had been tested on for his/her certification, but also to know nutrition in depth.

It’s no surprise that if you plan on going to a decent gym with a decent facility the personal trainers available are quite pricey. That does not go to say that the personal training is not worth it, but looking from a financial standpoint, it can be very risky. To become a personal trainer nowadays with new workout crazes and forms of fitness emerging does not take too much effort. In some instances one can apply online and receive a personal training certificate from limited testing. A personal trainer can be a young inexperienced man or woman in their twenties who have the absolute minimal knowledge on nutrition and fitness. If you paid $75 an hour and you found out your personal trainer was not getting you any closer to losing those hypothetical twenty pounds nor helping you design a healthy manageable diet wouldn’t it anger you? If only there was a way to know your trainer was qualified and knowledgeable in the ins and outs of nutrition and fitness. Well there are a couple solutions. One solution is to pay top dollar for a know-it -all bodybuilder like trainer with countless years of experience. Most likely your wallet will be getting the biggest workout in this scenario.  The second alternative is to join a martial arts gym. Not just any martial arts gym, but a martial arts school, where every student has their individual goals catered to. There are many places like this, but no better than Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.tirelli class

If somebody was to walk into Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Elmwood Park their first reaction would be to look awe as they saw a state of the art facility which is also very clean. Next they would meet an instructor who dedicated his life to not only teaching martial arts but also to coaching people on their lives. When you pay the extra few bucks for a personal trainer, you are making an investment on the trainer, and you have to make sure that investment is trustworthy. Young personal trainers at Retro Fitness or NYSC are looking for a quick pay day and an easy way to teach what they think is proper fitness. A Tiger Schulmann’s instructor has not only done years of practice in martial arts, but has also done years of research on people. Dealing with different people with different goals is where a true life coach is formed. At Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, the instructor is the best investment one can make, mainly because he will be coaching you and not just training you.