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Preventative Care


Stop It Before It Happens

There’s many clichés & sayings people hear but also too often don’t necessarily heed. “Better safe than sorry” comes to mind. This saying shouldn’t be relegated to working with tools in the garage or moving furniture. What about your own body? The machine you need to operate every day in order to function properly, to live! Why do some people wait until they’re in dire condition before they take measures to improve their well being?

Prevent Disease

Kickboxing in Old Bridge 


One thing impeding their path to improvement is a lack of information or guidance. Not everyone is a nutritionist, personal trainer or doctor, so all too often people have an “eh, it won’t happen to me” attitude. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and all sorts of other terrible ailments are happening far too often, yet it’s “that happens to other people, but I’ll be ok”. Even as they pack on the pounds or have trouble doing everyday tasks, it often takes having a doctor telling someone they’re in trouble, or about to be, before they take any steps to take care of their ailments. But who do they turn to? A DVD? YouTube? Books, magazines or web sites? A personal trainer at the gym on top of your membership there adds up and also won’t give you the same benefits training in kickboxing with Tiger Schulmann’s will. (self defense, martial arts,kickboxing, conditioning, etc.) So who can you turn to? Our kickboxing instructor!

We have a 90-Day Challenge at the beginning of every year which emphasizes nutritional information and healthy eating, so coupled with your training, it produces the results every wants – to feel good! Your confidence will increase from not just knowing you can defend yourself if you need to, not just from looking good physically, but from knowing that the mechanisms ‘under the hood’ (such as your organs) are in tip-top shape. Exercise and diet are married – they complement each other, and don’t function well without the other as well. Both aspects are a focus at TSMMA, so don’t wait until it’s too late to get yourself on the right track with your health. Be preemptive and proactive; prevent problems before they arise instead of trying to fix them.

Another cliché is “your body is your temple”. Construction workers wear yellow safety helmets hoping nothing ever falls on their heads. But if something does, it won’t be fatal. You wear a seatbelt and have airbags in your car hoping that you never get in an accident.  But if you do, you’ll be protected. So don’t wait until the doctor tells you that you have high cholesterol, hypertension, stress, or worse; make sure you take care of your body now, at TSMMA. Call our Old Bridge location today and we’ll start you on the path to a healthier you!

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