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Real Weight Loss Made Possible With Kickboxing

Last Updated on September 11, 2014.

Weight loss is not an easy goal. All too often adults fall prey to advertisements promising quick results with long lasting effect. The truth is long lasting weight loss takes hard work to achieve.

Sensei Dashan DuBose helps make it easier for Middle Village adults to put in that work. His Kickboxing classes are fun and motivating. The hour flies by. His expertise in nutrition helps students make the right choices when they get done their training.

weight loss kickboxing
Weight Loss is a long term reality for Tiger Schulmann’s members.


“What makes our program so successful is we really educate our students,” says the Middle Village school owner. “They learn how to defend themselves, but also the importance of exercise and nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That knowledge is extremely empowering to adults.”

DuBose has been training with Tiger Schulmann’s MMA since he was fifteen years old. He has maintained his physique using Kickboxing and nutrition he learned under his own instructor, Sensei Bryan Gotthoffer.

DuBose earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt while a student at TSMMA in Bayside, Queens. He honed his teaching technique there and at TSMMA Rego Park. He also had a chance to compete successfully in Kickboxing, Boxing and Grappling. His competitive success using the techniques he now teaches his students is a great motivator!

weight loss
Learn authentic Kickboxing while accelerating your weight loss.


Now he is helping to add Middle Village Kickboxing members to the more than 100,000 adults who Tiger Schulmann’s program has helped get in shape.

Weight Loss Shortcuts Not The Answer

Unlike many diet pills and equipment commercials, TSMMA does not need to hire fitness models or pay celebrity endorsers millions to talk about their product. Instead you can browse through thousands of before and after pictures which have been posted online. DuBose himself is a perfect example of how Kickboxing can help you achieve weight loss for the long term.

Call TSMMA Middle Village and schedule a FREE Trial Program to see just how effective Kickboxing can be!

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

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