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Ring of Combat AMXVI Results – Burgos vs Oranvil

Last Updated on May 4, 2013.

 May 4, Metuchen, New Jersey

Shane Burgos (TSMMA Woodbury) vs Aldo Oranvil – 145lb Title Fight


“Hurricane” Shane Burgos emerges victorious his 8th amateur MMA bout this weekend at the Ring Of Combat Amateur event in Metuchen, NJ.

Round 1: The exchange started with Oranvil, the wrestler, attacking first. Shane was taken down but quickly returned to his feet. Shane controlled Oranvil up against the cage and ultimately landing his own takedown, securing the judges score card for the round.

Round 2: Shane started off the second round letting his hands go a little more easily. Shane secured yet another take down in the second round and held a beautiful top position. Shane worked from mount to side mount, working both the D’arce choke and the Americana arm lock. He finally sunk in a deep D’arce but Oranvil was able to fight it off until the end of the round.

Round 3: Shane started this one off even better than the second throwing great combinations with punches and kicks. A big slam take down by Burgos puts the two back in familiar territory with Shane on top. This time, however, Burgos sinks that D’arce choke in too deep for Oranvil to escape and he taps via submission with 45 seconds left in the round.

Shane Burgos has now an unblemished record of 8-0 in the amateur MMA Circut, and now the ROC Amateur 145lb champion!

Congratulations to Shane and everyone at his school @ TSMMA Woodbury