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Safety Tips For Martial Arts Students

Last Updated on September 2, 2015.

Just like any other sport or activity, martial arts requires the need to pay attention to safety. For both students and instructors, it is extremely important to be proactive about safety in any setting where martial arts is practiced, as it can be very easy to acquire an injury due to the types of techniques that are taught (kicking and punching, for example).

Since we at Tiger Schulmann’s are huge proponents of making sure that our schools are a safe environment for all, today we’re covering some safety basics that martial arts students should know:

Safety Tips For Martial Arts Students

Wear the proper clothing:? Any clothing, safety gear and equipment should always be a perfect fit. When clothes are baggy or equipment is too small, it can increase the risk of injury for both the student and their instructor. To learn more about the attire we require at Tiger Schulmann’s, give us a call prior to your first class.

Always warm up: ?Engaging in activity without stretching or performing the proper warmups is critical to prevent muscle injuries during class. Additionally, it’s also important to cool muscles down once activity is done for the day. Here at Tiger Schulmann’s we always make sure that our students’ bodies are prepared before we get into the more rigorous work, but to stay in tip­-top shape, we think it’s a good idea to stretch at home too!

Be honest: ?If at any point you suspect that you have an injury, be honest with your instructor and let them know exactly where it hurts. Putting off medical attention will only cause more damage and can put a halt on your martial arts training for longer than needed. Even if you’re simply feeling sore, your best bet is to let your instructor know so that they can take the proper steps to help you heal.

As one of the leading martial arts organizations, the team here at Tiger Schulmann’s goes above and beyond to guarantee the safety of our students in all of our classes. For more information about our programs and where you can find a location near you, be sure to check out the rest of our website or give us a call at (800) 528-­4437 today.