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Sensei Sean Nolan & Sensei William Bonet Receive Promotions

Last Updated on August 23, 2018.

Congratulations to Sensei Sean Nolan (TSMMA Midwood) & Sensei William Bonet (TSMA Hauppauge) on their recent promotion!

Sensei Nolan and Sensei Bonet receive promotions at Tiger Schulmanns

The Story Of Sensei Nolan

Sensei Nolan began training with Tiger Schulmann’s back in 2002. Over the past sixteen years he has grown both personally and professionally. Sean’s journey began as a student and progressed to part-time instructor until his professional career drove him to  California. After some time, he returned east. His passion for mixed martial arts brought him back to Tiger Schulmann’s with a firm commitment to train hard and be the best he can be.

In addition to being a passionate instructor, Sensei Nolan is a competitor at the heart. From the street corner to the center ring, he is fueled by fierce ambition and a desire to improve. His students applaud him and his colleagues support him. Congrats Sensei!


Tiger Schulmann's instructors acknowledging the promotion of Sensei Nolan and Sensei Bonet

Sensei Bonet’s Journey

At 22 years old, Sensei Bonet started his journey with Tiger Schulmann’s. His ascension from student to Joshu to Sensei has been remarkable. As a competitor, he was one of the first competitors in the first Challenge of Champions full contact tournament. His desire to continuously stay in shape and willingness to participate as a student paired with his humility and loyalty set him up to be an amazing instructor.

Described as “being like family” within the organization, Sensei Bonet has a beautiful family of his own, his wife Christina also trains within the organization and is a black belt are proud parents to two beautiful kids. We’re excited to him as part of our family! Job well done, sensei!