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Self-Defense is a Back to School supply that is needed this School Year

Last Updated on August 22, 2014.

Back to School Supplies for Stamford Ct Students to be Successful


I bet you’re going crazy trying to complete your list of back to school supplies for your children.  Notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.

Is Confidence on that list for your child’s supplies?


Students gain Confidence from Training.
TSMMA Students confident from training.

If not then your child’s school year will be missing a very important TOOL (Self-Defense)!


Sending your children to school not having the knowledge and confidence to defend their self is like putting your child in the middle of a pool or ocean not knowing how to swim.  The great thing about knowing how to defend their self is that you RARELY have to.

We always say “the best self defense is the self defense you never have to use”.

The reason why is when you know you can defend yourself you never have to because you walk around with confidence and carry yourself in a very strong manner. Who is likely to get bullied in school, a playground, camp etc? The child who is walking around with confidence looking at everyone as they pass or the one who is walking around hunched over looking down because he is afraid someone (bully) might give them a hard time.  I can tell you not one of my students here at Tiger Schulmann’s in Stamford Ct who has been training with me is afraid for their first day of school because they have a very important tool or supply to succeed in life and that is Self-Confidence. Kids (bullies) will pick up the fact that your son/daughter knows how to fight and will go about their daily business and leave him/her alone.

The way to stop bullying in school or life is “SELF-CONFIDENCE.”

A TSMMA student standing strong and focused in her Defensive Stance during class.
TSMMA student focused in their Defensive Stance.

There is no better way to help your child succeed in school or life then instilling Self-Confidence in their lives, and the way you do that is have them train with me here at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Stamford, Ct.  Come and see for yourself why my program here at Tiger Schulmann’s is the best program in Fairfield County. You can sign up for a Free Trial
Class on our website or you can simply call and book one now at 203-388-1091.