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Self Defense System Stops Bullies Early

Last Updated on September 6, 2014.

Bullies Start Early

I was at a family picnic over the summer and on a trampoline was my three year old grandson and his three year old cousin. We heard a slight yell and looked over to them and my grandson was holding his cousin down with his cousins arm in a chicken wing behind his back. When asked what happened, my grandson told us that his cousin hit him. Naturally others were slightly put off by the situation and I tried hard to hide my pride in my grandson. Although just about everyone there was shocked, to me this was no surprise. Bullies are everywhere at every age.


Survival of the fittest is a very simple concept. As soon as children interact with others, the stronger of them will more than likely bully the weaker one in some way. It is an animal instinct to dominate and in most cases will not be unlearned. We must learn early on, how to deal with bullies. Some children will handle it on there own as in the case of my grandson. I don’t teach him martial arts since he is so young but to him it was an instinct. Most children are incapable of handling bullies because they don’t have the ability to defend themselves.

Stop Bullies While They are Young

Self defense system for kids
Kids learn a self defense system at TSMM East Brunswick.

As early as four years old, children are capable of understanding what bullies are and when and if they need to get physical to handle an altercation. There are many opinions regarding how to handle a bullying situation. Some say turn the other cheek and ignore the bullies. Laugh and make a joke to ease the tension. Run away from the bully. Tell the teacher. None of these approaches offer a realistic solution to bullying. These solutions certainly won’t help a child’s self-esteem. Unfortunately children are not capable of understanding the adult thought process. Children live in a physical world. What matters to children is who is the strongest, who is the fastest and who will take what they want without regard for others. This being the case, the victim must respond in the same language as the attacker and the level of assertiveness must match the level of aggression.

Tiger Schulmann’s Self Defense System

TSMM self defense system

Bullies are everywhere. In school, on the playground and even around the neighborhood. How can children be expected to perform to their potential in school, sports or even socially if they can’t defend themselves? The answer is, they can’t. Our self defense system at Tiger Schulmann’s teaches students how to properly diffuse a verbal threat with words and body language. Our kids stop the bullies while confrontations are at the verbal testing stage so that they don’t have to get into a physical altercation.

The Tiger Schulmann’s Self-Defense system is a complete course of self-defense. Students, regardless of age, are taught how to defend themselves in virtually any situation. The self defense system we teach sets us apart from any other martial arts school in the world. When children have the ability to defend themselves, they carry themselves with confidence. They won’t be targeted by bullies and they will be much less likely to get into a physical altercation. In the event that they do get into a situation that gets physical they are very well prepared to handle themselves. Since they have this self-defense knowledge and ability, their confidence is sensed by all the other children they come in contact with.  Our students excel in school, sports, the arts or anything they try. Confident kids become successful adults!

If you want your child to succeed at everything they try in life, bring them in to Tiger Schulmann’s to let them learn a self defense system that works! Our self defense system will give them the confidence they need to survive in the real world.

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