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Self Discipline is the Key to Success with Karate

Last Updated on September 2, 2014.

Self Discipline the Key To Success

 Successful people have something in common, and it’s not good looks, charm, personality or sense of humor, its SELF DISCIPLINE! Self Discipline is a very powerful thing to have in life!

Let me give an example: you have a kid that is talented and gets everything on the first try.  What do you think happens once they encounter a difficult task in life?  They QUIT!!! This is because they never truly have to work hard towards something; everything was given to them so they lacked self discipline.

Tiger Schulmann's Stamford student being focus and sitting strong during his training and having Self Discipline
Child sitting strong and focused with Self Discipline

On the other hand you have a child that has to work hard toward everything that is put in front of them and even if they struggle they never give up and keep trying. We call this non-quitting spirit because of the self discipline that they have.

Now I ask you which child will become more successful in life? The 2nd child that is has the non-quitting spirit and self discipline. That is what all of our children and kids learn here at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Stamford Ct. Every child learns in our classes about non-quitting spirit and the meaning of self discipline. They learn to never give up no matter that is put in front of them. We hold our students hands until the day they can walk alone and when they have the confidence from our self defense program they will be unstoppable in life!

Your son or daughter will be able to learn in an environment where he or she will not be intimidated by anyone. With that, your child will succeed at life in every way and learn to have self discipline. This starts from day 1, the first class.

Help your child be successful not just in martial arts but in life! Set up a Free trial class here at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Stamford, Ct and see for yourself why our program is the best life skill for your child. You can set up a class by calling 203-388-1091 or signing up on our website: www.StamfordMixedMartialArts.com