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Sensei Julio Arce Receives Promotion

Last Updated on January 14, 2019.

Congratulations to Sensei Julio Arce (TSMA Bayside) on his recent promotion to 3rd degree black belt!

Opening Words From Shihan Bryan Gotthoffer

Sensei Julio Arce is more than an instructor. He’s a professional athlete in the ring, a student on the mat, a training partner, but more importantly he’s a good person. Scratch that. He’s one of the greatest people that you will ever meet if you ask anyone who gets to know him.

“Sensei Julio Arce is probably one of the greatest people that you will ever meet in your entire life.” – Shihan Gotthoffer

Sensei Julio Arce receives promotion

Julio’s personable attitude towards his students, his dedication to his craft as a student and an athlete and his altruistic attitude as a training partner put him in a league of his own.

Sensei Julio Arce celebrating his promotion to 3rd Degree Black Belt

Congratulations Sensei! Osu!

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