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Sensei Leonelli Exemplifies the Non-Quitting Spirit for Smithtown Students

Last Updated on March 9, 2012.

Sensei Leonelli Exemplifies Non-quitting Spirit for Smithtown Students

March 7, 2012

Tiger Schulmann’s MMA has had a tremendous impact on our family. Our son Ryan started in the cubs program when he was 3 years old. He cried every day. His instructor, Suzanna Rubenstein, carried him out on the mat everyday and gave him his first lesson on not quitting or giving up when something is difficult. From that point, we knew we were a part of a very special school. Upon his continuation into the children’s program, Sensei Leonelli continued to instill those same ideals and introduced Ryan to the concept of discipline. When Ryan began kindergarten, his teacher remarked about how focused and disciplined he is at such a young age. We attribute most of that to what he has learned here at Tiger Schulmann’s. Sensei Leonelli maintains an excellent balance between caring for his students and instilling a sense of discipline in each one of them. Just as he doesn’t allow any student to give up on themselves, he never gives up on them.

Thank you!

Kirsten and Jason

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