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Shihan Gary Hellman Featured on WFLA Daytime News – Video

Last Updated on January 23, 2014.

WFLA News Channel 8

Gary Hellman is a leading expert in the field of mixed martial arts with over 26 years of experience teaching men, women, and children of all ages. He is the 3rd highest ranking instructor in the country, and is the owner of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts center here in Tampa.

Shihan Gary Hellman started his training in a basement dojo in Spring Valley NY where he met his soon to be lifelong instructor Danny Schulmann. When they were kids, the two of them once showed off there skills in front of the world famous Mas Oyoma. This is where Hellman learned one of his first lessons from “Tiger”, a spinning foot sweep which took him down. Ever since that day, until he moved to Florida 17 years later, he trained and studied directly under the Master himself and his brother Shihan Ron Schulmann. Shihan Hellman was privileged to bring the Tiger Schulmann method to the sunshine state in 1997.

He has trained thousands of students, hundreds of instructors, and just as many competitors at every level. This includes professional and amateur fighters, as well as several world champions. Hellman has written a bestselling children’s book, “The Karate Way”, published by Random House children’s books. As well as writing and illustrating his own book, Shihan Hellman designed the Tiger Schulmann’s logo which has been associated with excellence in martial arts for many years, and reportedly has been quite the popular tattoo.

WFLA News Channel 8