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Siblings Benefit from Training Together

Last Updated on February 15, 2013.



The Petrie family is unusual in that they don’t have one or two siblings training in MMA, they have three boys training at the same time. The boys have been working out steadily for approximately three years and they all have red belts. The following is an interview with there mom Carla about her boys.

What is it like having three boys training at the same time?

It really is no problem at all. They are always practicing together and trying to work out new moves together.

What has MMA done for each of them?

Aiden has increased his focus and attention span. Myles has become more physically fit. Colin, the youngest, has increased his confidence.

Did any of the boys have problems that the program has helped?

Aiden was diagnosed with ADHD and the doctor had given us two choices medication or martial arts. We of course chose martial arts, and it has worked we didn’t have to put him on medication. The other two followed along and also are receiving the many benefits.

What is your favorite part of class?

I like the sparring during kickboxing because the boys are usually passive. This part of class brings out there aggressive side while still being under control.

What are the boys favorite part of class?

Colin loves the technical part of grappling while Myles loves the submissions. Aiden loves learning anything new.

Why would you recommend TSMMA to other family’s ?

The boys have not only learned to defend themselves and develop self confidence, they learned all about bully prevention. Aiden actually stood up for a kid that was being bullied at school. He would have never done that 3 years ago!