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Stop Bullying With Confidence Gained Through Martial Arts

Last Updated on August 20, 2014.

 In estimation, 160,000 children miss school each day due to a fear of bullying.  Children are bullied every day in schools and other extra curricular activities.  Bullies pick easy targets meaning that a child lacking a tough demeanor and self confidence is at a higher risk of being bullied.  An easy way to achieve higher confidence levels is to learn martial arts.  At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts, students develop strength and learn self defense which boosts their confidence.

Tiger Schulmann's builds kids confidence to end bullying
Karate Builds Confidence

A student who is self conscious about their appearance looks unsure of himself or herself. This is what bullies seek, a person who is not confident.  At Tiger Schulmann’s MMA,  we make it possible for children to lose excess weight and gain more muscle.  A strong, fit child is more likely to resist becoming a victim of bullying due to increased levels of self confidence.  When a child is confident, they show it, pushing all bullies away.  A bully doesn’t target a person stronger than him or her self.

Confidence is kryptonite to bullies
Become stronger and learn self defense to gain confidence.


Along with gaining strength, students at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA learn self defense.  This ensures that if faced with a physical situation, a child will be able to protect him or her self.  When students possess the knowledge of  defending themselves, they appear more confident.  When the skills to defend yourself are acquired, there is less of a likelihood that those skills will actually need to be used.  A person obtaining the power to protect themselves will be more  confident.

Bullying will be a thing of the past when your child becomes confident
Put an end to bullying for your child with Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Training

Facing a bullying situation can be scary which is why it is important to be well prepared for it.  Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne NJ can help equip any child with the skills associated with martial arts, readying them to deal with all bullying situations and boosting their confidence.

Written by Elise Hartman                                                                                            Black Belt TS MMA Wayne NJ                                                                                        Age: 15


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