Strikezone Muay Thai -12/13/13 – Edison NJ

Danny Rivera (TSMMA) vs. Austin Armstrong (ACMMA) – 126lbs

Armstrong wins via TKO round 1

Gerson Ochoa (Daddis Fight Camps) vs. Tony Kentrotas (TSMMA) – 135lbs

Kentrotas wins via Split Decision

Mickey Masalski (Knockout Fitness) vs. Jared Salzman (TSMMA) – 154lbs

Masalski wins via Decision

Emmanuel Encarnacion (Sensei Muay Thai) vs. Damien Bailey of (TSMMA) – 130lbs

Bailey wins Unanimous Decision

Michael Hynes (Knockout Fitness) vs. Chris Quijano of (TSMMA) – 147lbs

Quijano wins via KO round 1

Friday Night Fights – 12/13/13 – NYC


Malik Blake (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Nick Douchette (Renzo Garcie) – 163lbs

Blake wins via Unanimous Dec.

Missael Sanchez (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Jesse Bogorad (Renzo Gracie) – 133lbs

Sanchez wins via Unanimous Dec.

Aleen Prentice (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Camile Madis – 133lbs

Madis wins via decision


Check out 42:00 of the video below for Blake vs Douchette

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