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Student’s Remarkable Transformation, Loses 130lbs!

Last Updated on January 30, 2013.


By: TSMMA Paramus

Last year, Paramus Mixed Martial Arts student Jen Annunziato wrote a testimonial about her successes in weight loss, physical conditioning, increased energy, and change of life.  At the time she wrote it, Jen had lost a great amount of weight (130lbs in total) and WOWED us with her progress!  Not only had she achieved the goals she set for herself, but she surpassed them.  She hasn’t stopped to rest yet.  She’s still losing weight, still working hard and is just as enthusiastic in her training as ever.  She is an asset to the school and is a first-hand account of what discipline, hard work and perseverance can do.  We’re extremely proud to have her as a student here at Paramus Mixed Martial Arts.

Keep it up, Jen!

To view Jen’s testimonial from last year, click on