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Last Updated on September 30, 2013.

Weight Loss Is Mental

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

A couple days ago I saw a great article from a mother who doubles as a fitness and health expert. She had posted a picture of her and her young children. I can’t remember if she had two or three kids, but they were all under the age of four and she was in great shape. Not cover of Muscle & Fitness shredded where it looks unnatural, but instead the kind of fitness that you would be proud of if it was you!

Her blog was about the backlash she had received from her picture with people saying she had created an unhealthy image of women. I had to take her side as it was amazing to me that this woman who was the picture of health was being lambasted for posting a picture in what amounted to a two piece bathing suit with a sports bra for a top.

TSMMA Mom succeeds at changing her body in 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge

The argument was that by posting the picture she was showing women a body image that was unattainable and therefore shouldn’t be promoted. We aren’t talking Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue here. She was in phenomenal shape. She clearly had lean muscle mass and was not emaciated.

Her blog was very pointed and didn’t pull any punches. It basically said don’t be mad because I didn’t make any excuses for my nutrition. I didn’t succumb to the cravings during my pregnancy! I had them just like everyone else, I simply chose not to indulge!

This gets to my point. Winning at Weight Loss is all mental!

Everyone of us is going to have the same cravings. It’s how we handle them that matters. All of us are going to debate whether we should go to class or not. The question is not whether you have the debate or not, it’s do you go anyway!

If Someone Else Does Why Can’t I?

It’s become normal in our society to blame things like stress and lack of time for poor nutritional choices. The reality is those are simply excuses. There are plenty of extremely busy people who have a tremendous amount of stress who live extremely healthy lifestyles. They simply make it happen.

One of the reasons I was able to become a professional kickboxer is my unwillingness to accept that someone else was naturally better than I am. I always believed that if someone else could do something then I could too. I might not go about it the same way or have the same talents, but the talents I had in other areas would balance it all out.

Can you substitute Kale Chips for Potato Chips?

Now during our 60 day challenge it’s time to apply that same mental attitude to weight loss and nutrition. If someone else can consistently eat the right things and life a healthier lifestyle then so can I.

It’s easy to make an excuse why you CAN’T do something. This time make the excuse why you CAN!

Weight Loss Craving Busters

Having cravings is extremely normal. It’s what you do with them that counts. A few quick tips to help win the Weight Loss Challenge.

Have a jar of natural Peanut Butter handy. Almond butter is even better! Natural Peanut Butter means the only ingredient is Peanuts. Nothing Else! Same with Almond Butter. Don’t be deceived.

Natural Peanut Butter Comes From Only Peanuts! No extra ingredients!