Tiger Schulmann’s

Where do kids learn the Confidence and Focus they need to Achieve at School?

Children kickboxers practitcing kicking bags at Tiger Schulmann's

A child lacking Confidence can be very disheartening to a parent.  The symptoms start out as simple shyness.  As many children continue along life with this lack of confidence it may become so much more.  Such as a lack of willingness to participate in activities or sports, being a target of bullies, or even becoming […]

Karate Kids Use More Than Their Thumbs!

A Boy practicing punching with other students behind at Tiger Schulmann's

  When I was a child, all the kids in the neighborhood would be outside playing ball everyday after finishing their homework. There was no mention of childhood obesity and everyone knew the one kid with an inhaler in their class at school. Today things are much different. Playgrounds are empty as soon as the […]