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Team Tiger Schulmann Pulls Together to Accomplish Tough Mudder Challenge

Last Updated on October 16, 2013.

Team Tiger Schulmann Accomplishes Mud Obstacle Run.

By: TSMMA Wayne

Sunday October 13, students, instructors and family members got together and ran a 10.5 mile obstacle course in the mud! About 60 people registered for this 4-5 hour journey through slippery muddy trails, barbed wire laden mud trenches, huge muddy hills, underground tunnels, 12 foot walls, a 20 foot high platform above a cold pool of water, a dumpster full of ice water, a fifteen foot high quarter pipe, and to top it all off, a 50 foot sprint through dangling electric wires that provided more than a gentle shock.

About three months ago, the instructor of the Wayne Tiger Schulmann’s School, realizing his usual 5k fund raising race in town was no longer being held starting looking for an alternative. Something challenging, requiring fitness and accessible to fellow students. The internet, as it so often does, provided the answer. Tough Mudder.

Word spread and students started training even harder in their regular classes, not to mention putting in extra work trying to bring their fitness to all new level; running, strength training, plyometrics and kettlebells. People got into great shape and last weekend had the chance to prove it. Not only did the whole crew have a great time and face challenges they never thought they would overcome, but the extra time training in class and preparations got everyone fit and into amazing shape!

The huge crew split up into about 4 smaller groups and everyone pushed, pulled, lifted, swam and even carried each other through all the challenging obstacles.

Camaraderie is the theme for this event, not to mention fitness and not only did the Tiger Schulmann’s family stick together, but I’m sure they got a little closer! Looking forward to next year’s event!