Bruce K.

Your training is all you promised it would be. challenging. and fun. Learning discipline and self-defense while working out with knowledgeable instructors who care about their students and their goals. They inspire others to do their best and be their best/

Amy N.

We appreciate the wonderful teachers and staff who go out of their way to create an encouraging community. Sensei Garzillo and Joshu Cropper have become role models for our son, and my husband and I were also inspired to start training ourselves, which has been great!

Denisha W.

From the moment I started training with Tiger Schulmann Abington it has been a joy. I gained greater skill and confidence in the areas of both kickboxing and strength training. I have also been encouraged by every instructor as I move up the belt system. Tiger Schulmann Abington has been an all around positive experience […]

Danielle G.

I LOVE training at Tiger Schulmann in Abington! Sensei Garzillo and the entire staff are amazing. It is a well-rounded program. You receive great work out while developing confidence, learning self-defense and a healthy eating lifestyle. I have trained for many years and it never gets old. Highly recommended!!

Rachel A.

I’ve been training with Tiger Schulmann’s for around 12 years. Those past 12 years with Tiger Schulmnan’s has changed my life for the better. It has made me a more confident and mature young adult. All the classes have cardio, strength building, and flexibility. I would highly recommend trying Tiger Schulmanns, it could change your […]

Dawn S.

Great program, the best instructors and the most rewarding workout out there. My 13yo daughter and I love this school!

Jodie S.

Very personable and family-oriented. Sensei is great with the kids. Our son started going when he was 4 and I started last year. I am very pleased over all with signing both of us up for classes.

Jess A.

Our son has shown so much growth! Not only have his martial art skills improved but he is more confident, outgoing and brave. We’re so grateful for our Tiger Schulmann’s family!

Keisha W.

Family-oriented and self-discipline-based. My nephew came in unable to keep still, always looking around. Very little friends. Now his confidence is through the roof and his self-discipline is amazing. Great school!!

Laura L.

The people in this school will become your second family! Such a great environment. All you have to do is show up, and the instructors will walk you through the rest. Highly recommend trying out a class, you won’t regret it!