Tiger Schulmann’s

Baltazar B.

Tiger Schumann’s is a great place if you want your children to learn self-defense and self-discipline. The teachers are very friendly but take action when they need to. It is a great establishment that is well worth it.

Lory M.

I have been with the organization 20 years and counting. Because of my training, my experiences, as a person, I gained skills that enriched every aspect of my life and helped to empower me. I have great people I train with and great instructors. My children all grew up in the organization and have taken […]

Alejandra M.

I would highly recommend TSMMA, it’s been a great experience. The instructor is friendly, you feel welcome as soon as you enter the door. My daughter is definitely building her confidence, I know we made the right choice to join TSMMA.

Anmar C.

Amazing staff, very helpful and friendly, and great instructors We all feel like a team and a family in this place

Fred F.

Instructors are great teachers and are firm with the children but makes it’s fun. My granddaughter has learn a lot and has matured since she started taking classes and is now more independent.

Marta N.

I love the Tiger Shulmann’s program and Shihan Simpson and his team here are absolutely amazing. They welcomed is with open arms and listened compassionately to my children when we started. The connection my kids have with the staff has become incredibly important to us. Currently during the pandemic they’re taking it seriously and instituting […]