Sophie K.

This is by far the best school around, the teachers are well experienced in their years of training, and teach you not only excellent self-defense but nutrition and other valuable life skills. 100% worth the investment.

Baltazar B.

Tiger Schumann’s is a great place if you want your children to learn self-defense and self-discipline. The teachers are very friendly but take action when they need to. It is a great establishment that is well worth it.

Dave S.

It’s a great blend of intense cardio and striking technique paired with challenging encouragement from peers and instructors. The motivation to push ones-self comes easily in this great environment and with this program.

Craig S.

I have been training at Tiger Schulmann’s Allentown for 6 years. The instructors are very experienced and provide a variety of classes for different skill levels so you can get the most out of your workouts. Training at Tiger Schulmann’s has provided me with more confidence. I lost 60 lbs in the first 8 months […]

Lory M.

I have been with the organization 20 years and counting. Because of my training, my experiences, as a person, I gained skills that enriched every aspect of my life and helped to empower me. I have great people I train with and great instructors. My children all grew up in the organization and have taken […]

Alejandra M.

I would highly recommend TSMMA, it’s been a great experience. The instructor is friendly, you feel welcome as soon as you enter the door. My daughter is definitely building her confidence, I know we made the right choice to join TSMMA.

Anmar C.

Amazing staff, very helpful and friendly, and great instructors We all feel like a team and a family in this place

Fred F.

Instructors are great teachers and are firm with the children but makes it’s fun. My granddaughter has learn a lot and has matured since she started taking classes and is now more independent.

Nicole A.

They have really helped to provide me with a great workout, self-discipline, and better confidence in the things I do in my everyday life. Shihan and the team have really helped me become a better me and I am grateful for that and also the family and friends I have made through my training!

Scott B.

I wanted a decent workout in a structured environment. What I got was incredible instruction, a new physique, improved confidence, and friends that are like family. My experience was phenomenal, and I actively recommend it to friends!