Michele B.

I decided to take my son to tiger Schumann’s due to the bullying he has been going through the past few years. The second I signed him up, there was a glow in his face I haven’t seen in a long time. Just from one session, I can already see a difference in him. His […]

Jeffrey T.

Sensi B is great and welcoming. School is exceptionally clean. He and staff are very personable and make sure all are welcome when you come through the door. Would recommend for anyone looking to bring their children in to learn martial arts. Also great classes for adults! Nothing is given all is earned!

Rick V.

Tiger Schulmann’s is a great school for both children and adults. Tiger Schulmann’s not only teaches you how to defend yourself but it also teaches its students discipline, respect and builds confidence. Its a complete life changer since all the values you learn are carried with you throughout your life and can be applied to […]

Kevin B.

My daughter started at TSMMA Brick a few months ago and absolutely loves it! She looks forward to class each time she goes and it really gave her a boost of confidence. Sensei Colontino is such a positive influence on all of the kids in class and I honestly couldn’t be happier that my daughter […]

Matt W.

We really enjoy TSK Brick! Sensei Colontino and his staff are great with the kids and really establishes a foundation for growth in Marital Arts, and in the children’s personal life. Highly recommended!!!