Tiger Schulmann’s

T Fontaine

We have been training at TS Colmar for several years. The life skills that our children are learning are priceless. Any age, any gender, any athletic ability will benefit from the programs. We do not regret one dime that we’ve spent and have recommended many friends who have been so happy here, as well. It […]

Betty C.

Wonderful with my boys and me. Sensei and staff love my boys and have helped them with issues of growing up. They helped them achieve a high level of confidence in themselves and their abilities. My boys also were reinforced the ideals of respect for others which is sorely lacking in many kids nowadays. I […]

Lindsay S.

I can not talk about this program highly enough. The instructors are so personable with the kids. It is an MMA family that you enter into when you join. My son has been a part of the program for almost three years now. The program is not only fun but he has gained self-confidence, become […]

Ella Z.

I and my two 10 years old girls have bee training here over a year! Can’t thanks enough to them. It changed our life patterns, mentally physically are much stronger!

Enrique A.

The staff is amazing and really cares about our children’s well-being. Oh, and by the way, they also do a great job in teaching our children self-defense and discipline. The total package!

Jay A.

Ria has greatly benefitted from attending Tiger Schulman’s. It has greatly improved her confidence, attention to detail, and focus. Joshu Jones has been instrumental in helping with her overall development. I would highly recommend Tiger Schulman’s classes.