Tiger Schulmann’s

Susan M.

Eatontown TS is a wonderful place for kids. Sensei is amazing with the kids, teaching them important values, skills, and how to defend themselves. He has done everything possible to continue in a safe manner through the pandemic and help them keep up with the routine. Highly recommended!

Maria A.

Sensei V makes everyone feel welcome and at home in his dojo. He is an excellent instructor with a great passion for what he does. This definitely shows in his classes. You get a great workout and really sweat! He is also super patient and great with the children’s classes. He is the best!

Amy H.

I started my son in classes around 4 years old. It’s great exercise and teaches him discipline. He has fun while also learning to work hard and treat others fairly. He looks forward to his classes every week.

Katelyn G.

My son has definitely been learning self-control and discipline. Class sizes are small. Each student gets individual attention to ensure they are learning martial arts skills properly. I recommend this gym if you want an emphasis on discipline and skill for your child.