Tiger Schulmann’s

Heleni F.

We tried many different schools ended up here I can say I’m very happy here and have 3 kids enrolled. The place is very clean and the instructors actually care about their students. I would recommend anyone to this location. Shihan Tirelli and Joshu Cobra genuinely care about their students. We travel from out of […]

Jody D.

My son has been training here for a while & absolutely loves it. I started as well & it is amazing workout. I love the facility, the staff & recommend this school for anyone looking to get in shape & have fun doing it.

Nicole B.

This is a wonderful school and has been beneficial to both of my boys. My oldest child has always wanted to quit anything he has gotten involved in (ie: soccer, t-ball, etc) but does not have that same attitude towards TSMA Elmwood Park. Instead, he gets excited when he knows he is going and I […]

Nicole M.

What an amazing staff and Facility. The entire team there is amazing! Although it is a group class they take the time to work with each child individually to ensure they are growing and developing. I see my son use the never-give-up mentality in all he does as it has become a culture for him. […]

Jamie P.

I am so happy with this establishment! My three-year-old son loves it! This place is clean and maintained well. The staff is friendly and welcomed us right away.

Jaime D.

My whole family goes here. The family-like atmosphere is very welcoming. It’s been an amazing positive outlet for my husband and kids who all have struggled with anxiety especially with the pandemic and how it has affected them.