Jaime S.

This school has been such a great experience for my son. We have made so many new friends and he is constantly pushed to train hard and to never give up!

Angela T.

A great way to learn self-defense, while accomplishing individual fitness goals and achieving overall self-discipline resulting in self-confidence for kids 4 yrs. old and up, teens, and adults of all ages.

Logan B.

I’ve been training at tsk Englewood for nearly 7 years. I have grown physically and mentally stronger learning from the amazing kid-friendly instructors. It is not just self-defense, Tiger Schulmann’s MMA has made me an overall well-rounded person. They’ve encouraged me to be more confident in myself and to overcome my fears and achieve my […]

Stacy B.

Sensei Klein Joshu Glasser and Joshu Salima are FANTASTIC people and trainers. They give each class 100% and help my children build confidence and stay focused! My children have been training under them for 5 years and I have seen so much confidence and skill develop it is unbelievable! Great school!

Amina B.

My kids (7 &10) love to train here. I believe the classes and the attention they receive from their Shihan and Sensei taught them discipline and perseverance. Results started to show up on their second year, they are more interested in exercising and their attention span has increased which is showing both academically and during […]

Stacey V. G. L.

My three children attend the TS of Englewood and they all LOVE it! It fosters great discipline and grit that carries over to daily life! Also very clean!

Kelsi W.

My son (6 yo) has been taking classes at TSMA Englewood for just over a year. It has been a wonderful experience – he is learning focus and discipline, skills and confidence. During quarantine, it was an amazing outlet for him to have his classes via zoom, and he is even happier to be back […]

Jessica M.

We are from Manhattan New York and we have been going to Tiger Schulmann’s of Englewood for my son’s classes for 4 1/2 years now and our experience has has been great from day one. They are super professional and truly care about the students. Even during the high of the pandemic they were always […]

Elizabeth A.

My son loved TSK! He was a cub and loved going to class to see Joshu Fran and everyone else every Thursday. They made it fun and exciting every week teaching new skills, focus, among other skills and best of all a non-quitting-spirit. The best part was when he got home on Thursday and taught […]

Amanda R.

The teachers are amazing. My son is very shy and bullied in school for his weight. He goes to this school and feels so confident. He’s always excited to go. It’s a great school! I recommend to anyone thinking about going!