Bertie L.

BEST complete workout ever! Love my Feasterville Family! And Best Joshu!

Mark K.

Great workout, inspiring environment, highly recommend to every age group….

Rosalie B.

They know how to push me at my pace not everyone else’s. I love it here.

Jessica S.

Joining Tiger Schulmann’s was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Great program, fantastic instructors and the best way to workout. Love this school!

Mary J.

My family and I have been student’s at Tiger Schulmann’s for roughly six years. During that time, we have all lost a lot of weight, gained strength, and amazing life skills. Sensei Alexander is passionate about his trade and it truly shows in the way he teaches. We enjoy going and being apart of the […]

Glenn K.

This is an awesome program that is not mindless or boring like so many other exercise programs or gyms. Here you have the benefit of an instructor (almost like a personal trainer) that takes you through the workout, which keeps you mentally engaged as much as physically. The results are you are able to disengage […]

Michael N.

My kids, my wife, and I have been training here for over 10 years and love it. A great school with fantastic instructors and a program that works for kids to learn self-confidence & self-defense all the way to TSMA fighters in the UFC. You get in great shape while learning real self-defense, what more […]

Michael N.

I’ve been training here for almost 13 years and still going. Great program for self-defense as well as fitness. Both Kickboxing and grappling make for well-rounded self-defense. Great for both adults and kids.

Richard N.

I signed up just looking to stay a little healthy and get in shape. But now I’m in it. I feel great, my clothes fit better and I have a lot more energy. Best of all you learn to defend yourself. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.