Caterina B.

My two sons have been attending Tiger Schulmann in Hoboken for several years – each started around 4 yo – Sensei G is nothing short of amazing with the kids. He really cares and is the heart and soul of the school. I would give them more than five stars if I could. Would not […]

Anya G.

Sensei and his team are great teachers – on the mat and off it. Great, age-appropriate approach that teaches kids self-discipline, responsibility, how to recognize bullying and how to approach it. Highly recommend it!

Christopher G.

13 years ago I was looking for a martial arts school for my 8-year-old son we visited many schools. When we walked into Tiger Shulmanns I knew immediately that we were in the rate place. The structure, discipline, and professionalism were unmatched. Since then my entire family has made it to the level of first-degree […]

Sarah C.

We couldn’t be happier with our experience at Tiger Schulmann’s. We have watched our son become more confident, resilient, and self-disciplined through his experience. The teachers are dedicated to helping him grow with martial arts and more importantly as a person. We are grateful that they are such amazing role models and always have time […]

Ondine G.

My son, who is on the spectrum, has really taken to this – a wonderful surprise to us all. He has become very interested in Martial arts and fitness and looks forward to every class. The staff is very professional & kind.

Damian D.

Sensei Gaudinot and the guys are professional and great with kids. My son has so much fun, not even realizing that he’s building self-confidence, respect for others, and listening skills. There is a really nice family vibe at Tiger Schulmann’s in Hoboken. It is great!!!!

Tatiana N.

We had a great experience with Hoboken Tiger Schulman’s. They are knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Sensei G and the team go above and beyond to meet their student’s needs. My two boys were attending for two years, they gained confidence, self-discipline, and athleticism. Unfortunately, we moved to another town and cannot commute bc it is […]

Donna O.

We love Tiger Schulmann! Sensei and Joshu are the best! They have taught my son so much and gave him the confidence he needs!

Nina C.

My boys have been going to Hoboken Tiger Schulmann’s for the past few years and it has been awesome! Sensei and Team really motivate and teach my boys the importance of hard work and discipline. It is also a great workout for them and the boys have progressed well through the program. We love it!

Eduardo G.

All three of my kids have been at Tiger Schulman’s at from 4 years old to teenage years. Sensei Gaudinot is great with the kids and definitely keeps them engaged and keeps their attention. I have also signed up for classes and it is a great workout and you are learning defensive skills as well.