Tiger Schulmann’s

Isack S.

Best place around to learn both stand-up and ground self-defense. Superb instruction by a very dedicated and excellent instructor. A friendly atmosphere makes it easy to learn and get in shape. A large clean training area with plenty of parking makes this spot ideal. With access from major roadways, this makes it easy to get […]

Kamal D.

Awesome place, awesome team..It have been a great experience, value of money, time…full of energy, me and my elder daughter are already taking classes and cant wait for my little one to start.

Samar E.

This place saved me in ways I couldn’t imagine. Discipline is a concept we hear so much of, our school is the very place where you get an eyewitness account of it. We have so much fun, we learn a lot and we build together. Our Sensei, Sempais, Trainers, Fighters, Students, Families and Fans are […]

Chris M.

Almost 20 years ago I came to an introductory class after a friend suggested I do something to get back in shape. I lost 40 lbs which I have kept off while learning martial arts in a safe, clean, and well-supervised environment. From building confidence to learning to eat well, this school offers it all. […]

Alexandra W.

My family and I have joined Tiger Schulmann’s for a few years now. Yes, a few years!! That’s how much we love and enjoy the school. The workout is amazing and best of all, you are learning self-defense! The instructors are great, they are so inspiring and helpful. After every class, you feel alive and […]

Ashley E.

Once you first walk through the door you will immediately be greeted by Sensei Castillo and the rest of his staff and students. Sensei Castillo is an amazing instructor. He is very friendly, Compassionate, professional, and is very passionate about what he does. He makes his classes very fun and motivates everyone to do their […]