Robert S.

Outstanding school. The classes were fun and the instructor was right on. Knowledge of the arts was impressive as well. Highly recommended for all ages.

Kirk M.

Can’t say enough great things about Tiger Schulmanns in Huntington. Sensei along with the rest of the instructors are very professional and friendly. My son started a year ago when he was 8 years old. A year later he’s stayed with it and as a result he is stronger and healthier because of it. His […]

Richard P.

In December I enrolled my 5 year old son. Since then his focus, and discipline has greatly improved. He has become stronger both physically and mentally. He looks forward to class everyday and wants to get more involved and further his training. Joshu Castillo does a great job motivating all of his students and makes […]

Isack S.

Best place around to learn both stand-up and ground self-defense. Superb instruction by a very dedicated and excellent instructor. A friendly atmosphere makes it easy to learn and get in shape. A large clean training area with plenty of parking makes this spot ideal. With access from major roadways, this makes it easy to get […]

Bruno D.

This is a great school for kids and we have a great Sensei, Castillo which is a fun person when instructing the class on site and on zoom.

Ingrid L.

We went to three TS locations and my son like Sensei Matt Castillo a lots. He is so funny and professional. My son became more stronger when he is doing boxing.

Kamal D.

Awesome place, awesome team..It have been a great experience, value of money, time…full of energy, me and my elder daughter are already taking classes and cant wait for my little one to start.

Keith G.

Sensei Castillo has a great relationship with the students as well as parents. I don’t think that bond is felt at other places. The atmosphere sensei creates I think lifts his students to do better, be better and will help as a base for years

L. F.

Tiger Schumann’s in Huntington is absolutely awesome! My wife and I have had our daughter (12yrs old) going to TS for a couple of years now and loves it. Sensei Castillo is truly a treasure. His instruction and direction engage the students and keep their focus throughout the class. We would definitely encourage others to […]

Alexandra W.

My family and I have joined Tiger Schulmann’s for a few years now. Yes, a few years!! That’s how much we love and enjoy the school. The workout is amazing and best of all, you are learning self-defense! The instructors are great, they are so inspiring and helpful. After every class, you feel alive and […]