Tiger Schulmann’s

Geo T.

Just what I needed as I grow, “wiser” … Sensei Heurtelou & the Manhasset team help me, not only with maintaining an aging but still able muscular physique, but also in improving my cardio, flexibility, and confidence too! Come train with us; let’s WORK!!!!

Alex C.

Tiger Schulmann’s of Manhasset has done nothing but help me in every aspect of my life. It’s comforting knowing that with each class my martial arts knowledge grows while also getting a great workout for both my mind and body.

Denise T.

An awesome martial arts school in every way! Sensei and the entire staff of caring instructors are patient, encouraging, and professional. Highly recommend for all ages and all skill levels! Osu!

Joe T.

Fantastic, caring staff and amazing workouts! Definitely the best martial arts school on Long Island! Highly recommended for all ages, from self-defense to losing weight to gaining confidence. Osu!

Stephanie M.

All of the instructors are phenomenal and truly inspiring to all who have the pleasure of taking their classes. My daughter and myself have been a part of Tiger Schulmann’s for 2 and a half years and it has taught us what it means to have discipline in all areas of life. We always receive […]

Eddie O.

Sensei George, Debra, and the rest of Manhasset’s TSK have always treated me like one of their own family members. Even after a 5 year absence, they all welcomed me back with open arms.