Tiger Schulmann’s

Eric M.

Walked in looking for a place to get in shape, but found much more. In addition to getting in shape, you learn valuable self-defense techniques. At Nanuet, everyone is treated like an equal member of the team, no matter skill level.

Brittany L.

I’ve been a member of the Tiger Schumann world for over 15 years and now my 5 year old son started training. We travel 30 minutes each for way all our classes just to be a part of Nanuet’s school. The instructor has a great balance of teaching techniques while boosting my sons self-confidence; he […]

Kevin M.

Jared is a great teacher. I started the adult class a few years ago such a great program and all around workout. I now bring my son and he is showing more confidence and discipline.

Anthony K.

Great instructors, you really get a good workout and you learn fantastic technique for self-defense. You learn Maui Thai in a very effective and practical way. They take great interest in your progress and take the time to help you along personally.

Diane M.

Who would have thought that, at my age, I’d get into kickboxing? Joshu Jared and the others are skilled instructors who truly care about their students. It is like being adopted into a large, very diverse family and being loved just for being part of it. You should try it. You won’t be disappointed!

Lisa B.

We have been so happy with our time here at Tiger Schulman’s! Joshu Jared has been professional and supportive, and flexible with our varying needs over the last few weeks as we got used to class, even in the midst of this complicated pandemic year.