Channalaen E.

Tiger Schulmann’s is amazing! All of the instructors are highly trained and make training fun. Joshu Jared has helped build my son’s confidence level up and now he feels like he can do anything without hesitation. We’re excited to continue his journey at Tiger Schulmann’s.

Brittany L.

I’ve been a member of the Tiger Schumann world for over 15 years and now my 5 year old son started training. We travel 30 minutes each for way all our classes just to be a part of Nanuet’s school. The instructor has a great balance of teaching techniques while boosting my sons self-confidence; he […]

Diamond S.

Absolutely love Joshu and his staff! They are definitely like a second family. I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my son to do MMA! Definitely a 5 star place! What I like about it the most is they really help build a kids confidence and teaches them how to defend/protect themselves from bullies […]

Kevin M.

Jared is a great teacher. I started the adult class a few years ago such a great program and all around workout. I now bring my son and he is showing more confidence and discipline.

Joanne C.

The owner/instructor is very dedicated and passionate about working with children. He has a wonderful way of making them all feel special. Highly recommend!

Mikey H.

Jared has been a great teacher and his patience, communication skills and knowledge have made this a great decision for my family. Highly recommend.

Andy E.

My son has gained tremendous confidence and strength attending this karate school. Joshu really cares about each snd every child that attends his classes. I highly recommend it for children of all ages and capabilities!

Pierre R.

Great MA experience for my middle school boy. He started out at different place, but changed to TS in Nanuet, where he loves it! The Sensei keeps it very fun and engaging, and makes each student feel special – and they get an awesome education in Tiger’s version of Martial Arts!

Vanessa R.

This place is amazing, my twins love it here. They feel safe, happy, confident and themself. They have grown so much and enjoy coming to the class. They always talk about how amazing Joshu is and we all have respect for him. Will highly recommend this place!!

Scott B.

Four years ago, my 3 1/2 year old saw a commercial for Tiger Schulmanns, and I called Joshu Jared on a whim to see if he took students that young, and he invited her to her own class to see if she liked it. Today she’s a blue belt, strong, polite and outgoing. She’s even […]