Heather B.

I couldn’t recommend Tiger Schulmann’s Princeton enough. The instruction is top-notch and it’s a great way to better your mental and physical health simultaneously.

Brauny V.

Awesome place to get in shape, build confidence, learn self-defense and build a family-like friendship with your training partners… I’ve been training here for years and I’m planning to stick around for many more!

Encore L.

I love it here! I get to release stress, gain energy, and the techniques you learn you keep with you. Joshu Tony works with you one on one no matter how many students in the class and makes sure you are doing everything right from warm-ups to techniques to exercise. Doesnt matter if you are […]

Daniel R.

I love going there because I have learned a lot not only about MMA but also about discipline, which helped me to improve the grades at school. Overall I became a stronger (both physically and mentally ) and better person! Like

Brian M.

My whole family trains here, and we all love it. We learn skills from martial arts forms like Muay Thai, Japanese karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, catch wrestling and kickboxing. We also learn strength-building and conditioning techniques, proper nutritional habits, and mental and physical self discipline. I should mention that I am in my late […]

S. B.

Love the technical part of the training; Definitely gaining strength and have reduced stress levels. Love the school, Sensei Billings and other instructors who are very patient, encouraging, motivating and letting you go at your own pace while gently pushing you to try a little harder and challenge yourself just a little bit more.

Aditya P.

Have known Sensei Billings and Danielle for more than 5 years now, they are very professional, dedicated and hard-working folks. Kids love to go classes and have gained a lot of skills.

Renea S.

My husband and 4-year-old daughter are both students. I have watched them both grow mentally and physically. The staff is exceptional and works great with children.

Cindy M.

Sensei Billings is wonderful with kids and young adults especially. His lessons go beyond the physical instruction and includes practical lessons about integrity and what it means to be a good person, how to be disciplined, and the value of working hard; he, himself, is an example of all those things which we admire.

Junior A.

This school is nothing short of amazing! I started my training about 9 months ago when I joined. I am now there 3x a week and look forward to each class. I am achieving my fitness goals as well as learning to kickbox. In addition, my level of self-confidence is sky-high. The instructors are supportive […]