Jessica A.

My son loves his school. He has learned so much, shown growth, and discipline and tells me he will protect me from bullies to.

Taner S.

My Son has been training at TSMMA Astoria for 3 years now and the way he has grown as a young man over that period has been great. He has learned many things such as Self Respect, Discipline, and self-defense. It’s not a just gym but more of a family & community that keeps everyone […]

Ricardo S.

I’m glad I enrolled in Tiger Schulman over 2 years ago. They have an efficient system for teaching kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Not only that but the values you learn through the training such as self-discipline and persistence are what truly set them apart. You can be confident knowing that you’ll learn how to defend yourself, […]

Fayth V.

Tiger Shulmann is the best around. They are dedicated to helping you, they truly care about you, and they are always friendly. They truly are the best in the business.

Patricia G.

I’m so glad I signed my children up with Tiger Schulmann’s. Sensei really cares about the students and it’s been like a second family for my boys. I really appreciate the way Sensei speaks to the children. He treats them with respect and teaches them valuable lessons for life and I believe this has helped […]

Lauren P.

I trained here for 2 years and loved training at this school. Sensei V and staff are all awesome and always willing to help you in any way they can. Would definitely recommend it!

Marina P.

Great instructors! Amazing workout! It is a very welcoming place for all ages.

Genesis W.

Highly recommend! Both my son and I trained with Joshu Aleen, amazing energy and always encouraging! We’ve had a great experience.

Nikola W.

It was great to be back at the school again. My daughter had fun she’s excited to be back too. They keep everything clean and have safe distances. Which is ideal and are making sure to ensure everyone is safe. And that is truly appreciated.

Katherine S.

My son has been training at Tiger Schulmann’s in Astoria for almost 8 years. It is the best martial arts school. He is taught valuable lessons in respect, understanding, empathy, morality, integrity, honor, and leadership, as well as learning import life skills of self-discipline, structure, and prioritizing. He has learned how to defend himself both […]