Punita P.

Tiger Schulmann’s in Bayside is amazing- my whole family has been training at this school for almost 15 years. We love the TSK community. Shihan, Sensei, and Joshu, the expert fighters/instructors, are truly dedicated, professional and kind. They are fabulous role models for all of us, especially the kids. The environment is friendly, encouraging, supportive […]

W. D.

The instructors have a nice way w/ the kids. There’s a tv room so you can watch the session. The facility is clean and in great shape. Our son has increased his confidence, made friends and always wants to go!

Reuben K.

TS Bayside is wonderful. The instructors are knowledgeable and committed. Both my 7-year-old son and I attend and both of us have benefited tremendously!


The staff members are helpful and professional. It’s a great learning environment that moves at the right pace.

Mary A.

We’ve been engaged for 15 years. My household members have gained self-defense skills & improved stamina, physical strength, and health. We have also connected to a great community.