Top notch instructors who are down to earth. My 7 year old joined when he was 5 and Sensei Stine and Joshu blade have shaped up core values we teach at home. My daughter who’s 4 is in the baby Cubs class and just loves my Val. Highly recommended

K. K.

Tiger Schumann is a very good place for my son’s learning discipline and confidence. During pandemic Tiger Schumann really keep the place clean and safe. My son is always excited going for his classes.

Andres S.

My son has been going here for close to 2 yrs and I can only say positive things. Sensei Stein and his team are great. They want nothing more than to see their students build their abilities and confidence in order to succeed. Highly recommend.

Ivan F.

Excellent place. My son has shown improvement in listening skills and discipline. It also works as a little gym so he gets a good workout. The staff is very professional and the facility is super clean. Highly recommend if you have a child.