Tiger Schulmann’s


This school is awesome! I’ve learned self defense and discipline with the-best instructors and also make a lots of friends! Would recommend to anyone! – Miko ????????????????

Sandra I.

Tiger Schulmann’s (Rego Park), for me is more than a school. The staff and the students are like a big family. I invite you to live this wonderful experiencie.

Yunglin G.

Great workout! Dedicated staff, and the first place that our kids actually love taking classes in, after trying many different martial art classes. Both my husband and I also take classes there and we are all feeling much healthier. It really helps in dealing with stress.

Derrick L.

The school and entire staff, from the Senseis through the staff, treat everyone like family. Both my kids attend and love the school. Both have shown the development as students and people that we were hoping for when they enrolled. A wonderful place.

Jarrad H.

Great leadership and very encouraging. This is a great place for beginners and advance marital arts students to excel. The staff is knowledgeable of fitness and health guidelines, and is great at coaching their students towards reaching their goals.

Alam S.

Absolutely love this place. Even with Covid they have made it a very great environment for the kids. Definitely recommend it!